Wednesday, November 5, 2008

If you got a drunk text last night, this is why!!!

Ok, first off let me tell you about my voting fiasco. I got home from work and couldn't find my voters card so I grabbed my drivers license and water bill, got on my bicycle and rode to the voting station. I get there and they wouldn't let me vote with my info bcuz I have my old address on my DL. I called Dana and had her bring my wallet thinking I'd have something in there with my new address. I then tried to vote again and they wouldn't except anything I had. By this time I was flustered and decided to do the provisional ballot but I didn't feel right about it, esp after looking it up on my phone and talking to Jazmine. I had 30 minutes left till the polls closed so I went to unlock my bicycle and ride home to get something else and realized I had lost the bike key UGH! Poor Dana had to come back AGAIN with more bills so I could try using those. Thank GOD they worked.. what a nightmare. Luckily I have a spare bike lock key at home, there's no way in hell I'm leaving my old bike overnight somewhere.

So then we set off to watch the election at some friends houses. After Obama's victory we went to Casey's where Tom bought a round of red, blue, then white shots.. I am not responsible for any crazy texts anybody got last night, it wasn't my fault-it's TOMS!!!!


Wez lost his finger working on his motorbike last week-ouch!

Hey Vargas... nice bike! It's nearly identical to my old bike but mine was blue and smaller.. Kinda like something between your legs.. OH SNAP!

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