Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Old Times...

I was feeling sentiMENTAL late last night while going thru old pics. my ol' hunka junk 69' that broke down nearly every time i'd take it out ..sad. pretty blue.
Viva Las Vegas a few years back

before the beer belly. Ania, Amanda, Me, Jamie and Ryan
I'll see you this weekend-my favorite house in Skull Valley
Old AZ friends -Mikey and Jen. I want my hair like this again I reckon

Chicago with Yoli, dunno if i'll make it to Chicago for New Years now. Tickets to Chicago are $500+ UGH.

Remember this Rich? Do you still have it? Part of a Collage I made for my friend.
with my sister Cheryl. God, I loved that jean jacket, what did I do with it? I always seem to lose stuff
S.A.R.S. party
oh is it now?

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Anonymous said...

i'll send you pics of the stump fire. your dogs jumped on my bed this morning to wake me up.