Monday, November 3, 2008


my new Impala.. yah right, I wish!!! Saw this outside the thriftstore Saturday.

Chris came by with his awesome bike and we went exploring. Isn't his tail light awesome?

There are two abandoned houses on a super high hill in our neighborhood so Janet and I went exploring. Lesson #1 -NEVER drive a stick shift truck up a super steep hill. The houses are past that teeny tiny for sale sign way up on the very top.

higher, higher, higher. The hill goes past that for sale sign in the upper left hand of the pic

and look what hap'd! Lee sorry, I nearly killed your girlfriend! I couldn't back up my truck and turn without nearly going over the ledge. I was so scared I was getting hot sweats and my nerves were going wacky. I was about to put the emergency break on, leave the truck and walk home to find somebody else to do it HAHA I had Janet get out and help lead me tho and we made it..phew. My truck was burning rubber and clutch HA! I'm NEVER driving up that hill again. Sucha girl thing.. duh..

looking down the hill

from the top of the hill you can see the whole city. I did a panoramic view.. from left to right (below)

you can barely see downtown Phoenix in the background

Look boys. An empty pool

our awesome house.


Janet said...

remember when your nerves were so shot from getting your truck down the hill that you got an instant headache and bit your thumb bloody...good times!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA! YES!!!! Oh dear.. It's your turn next to put my life in jeapardy!