Friday, November 7, 2008

Simple Machines Tool Casette Series 1991

Cindy Adams gave me this a while back.. The Hated-AWL and the Pocketwatch-Late tapes are the best out of the bunch in my opinion. More info on them here Simple Machines was a record label run by Jenny Toomey and Kristin Thomson of Tsunami.

Pocketwatch-Late is one of Dave Grohl's old projects back when Sream was breaking up

Daniel Littleton from IDA was in the Hated, this tape is great. I also have a double 7" "Like the Day's" that I found in AZ before I moved here from Illinois. I can't bring myself to sell any of my Hated stuff.


hutch73 said...

i always wanted to hear "the hated". i think that 7" is worth some coin...

Fashion Serial Killer said...

yah. it's worth about $100 the last i checked. i can't bring myself to sell it.