Thursday, December 18, 2008

California Vacation

I finally got to go to the Rose Bowl flea market. It was so overwhelming.. so many cool things, waaay too many vintage clothes. I did score some good stuff tho. I got scolded by this guy for trying to take a photo of this vintage motorcycle jacket that had BSA patches and pics on it.. "Ma'am.. NO PICTURES!" cram it in your hole dude.. get over it.

the kinda women men want

I want this motorized cooler. I'd rig it so the tap's would actually work tho.

Jaz's new HUGE TV.. so nice. Too bad I fall asleep every time I sit down to watch a movie.

I did get it up, swear...

pretty Umani

Jazmine made me take a yoga class with her at their studio.. boy did it kick my ass. I could hardly lift my arms in the shower and i'm still sore 2 days later.

Mateo is THE cutest little boy

Chi Chi was so well behaved at their house

Bryan on top of the mini van playing hide-n-seek with Mateo

We took the kids to a playland called Under the Sea in Venice, we didn't see the sign that said "Playland equipment is for kids only" oops.. We went down all the slides and bounced in the blow up jumpy thingy.

My best friend Jazmine

She is so damn cute and a happy little girl.

a family portrait

I spied some cool art on the way to Melrose. I think this one thriftstore in AZ ruined vintage shopping for me. It's so hard for me to buy stuff at the shops because I know I can find something similar at this thriftshop for $1-$7 max. E-bay also has a hold on me. I did score an awesome vintage Harley tank top with the lace at the flea market and a cool vintage motorcross t-shirt.

near Jet Rag

I wondered why traffic sucked ass.. T-bone! It rained 4 hours on the way home. It rained pretty heavy in some areas and even snowed near Cabazon so I stopped at the outlets and x-mas shopped. I think the awesome heavy bookshelf Jazmine and Bryan gave me probably saved my life a few times driving in the rain. My truck would have prob been all over the place if it wasn't for the extra weight, plus my right windshield wiper is non-existent.

rain, rain and more rain. It rained ALL night Sunday night in LA. This is what I had to drive thru on my way home.

crossing state lines. I came home and it started raining more!