Saturday, January 31, 2009



They filmed U-Turn here..

These crazy bikes look like they were from the movie Batman.. they had a full engine running them.

I liked this one the best. He said he's just storing it there for a friend. I believe he said it was a '66 Harley.. so awesome.


love this building

crazy dog on top of the car. I HATE when dogs are chained up like this.. there were a ton of dogs in this neighborhood..esp Pit's

My favorite house of the day....well, wait... the one at the end of this post is pretty rad also... no, this one STILL wins

I want to go so I can win the GLOCK!!!

toilet paper ass..

"Always rum for one more"

the bartender here was SO rad... the bar was super cool also.

The BEST advertisement "it's not just a shirt, it's a magnet"

the guys at the TapRoom told us this used to be a brothel and on the other side it was a super fancy restaurant back in it's heyday

had to make Ryan back up to get this shot.. check out the rifle case on the side of the moped!!!!

I want to buy this house! The bartender at the taproom told us about this rad house. It's for sale and it's supposed to be haunted, PLUS whom ever lived at the house left it with EVERYTHING in it.. antiques galore. I SO wanted to go in but the neighbors were home and most of it was boarded up.

It had it's own lil cave in the back
and outhouse

with lots of junk in it-a big old trunk is on the other side and an old bed.

see... everything left AS IS!!! I LOVE stuff like this.

boarded up... ;o(

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