Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bikes Rides and Bus Stops

I haven't been doing too much lately or even taking any pics b-cuz i've been sick with a cold since last Friday. I'm 90% better SO, last night after taking my dogs for a walk around the block, Dana and I took a long ass bike ride thru our very hilly neighborhood. Half way thru the ride my old red bike decides to take a shit on me. I heard this big CLICK and I thought for sure the chain broke but when I got off and checked it the chain was still on. Thankfully it was still ride-able but, when I ride it, it sounds like a motorcycle. I guess now I have the motorcycle i've always wanted.. I have no clue what's wrong with the bike? Maybe the back hub is broke? When I pedal it grinds and sounds as if the chain is rubbing on something but I don't see it rubbing on anything and it is a tad harder to pedal (ugh, those hills on the way home nearly killed me) when I don't pedal, it doesn't make the noise. It def was a laugh riding this thing home bcuz it was SO loud and everybody would look at me. Anybody have any clues what's wrong with my lil red baby?
This is the bus stop that I want to photograph with film, not digi.. perhaps my old Kodak or even my Minolta. I need to figure out what time of the day the sun will shine on the wall and how I can stand in the middle of the street without getting killed to take the actual photo. I might have to park my truck in the middle lane and put the hazards on and pray nobody rear ends me.
I no longer have a doggy door so the dogs are waking me up atnight to let them out at various times (12 am, 3 am), the cat meows outside my window to let her in (she's no longer allowed in the house bcuz Dana's bf is allergic) and just plain old tossing and turning - I haven't slept a whole night thru in months UGH!!!!!! You will never realize how much you appreciate a doggy door until you no longer have one. NO wonder I fall asleep by 9:30 pm every night and stay in every weekend b-cuz I fall asleep on the couch.


Charlene said...

It's like waking up to change a diaper. Harley got up at 3 this morning and wanted to play in the backyard!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Tell me about it! HA! I have 3 babies then. I wonder if I can get free money for school since I have so many "children"

hutch73 said...

if it's coming from your cranks, then the bearing ring probably broke. if it's in the rear hub, it's probably the same, bearings. either way your repacking some bearings and getting your hands dirty.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks Hutch! I will listen to where it's coming from. I might just take it in to a shop (not that I don't want to get dirty, I love getting dirty) but I have no clue how to pack bearings! ;o)