Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cleaning Machine

Dyson DC15
Yesterday I came home to my new vacuum. It is THE best vacuum ever. Thanks Paypal buyer credit.
Made Chili from scratch (well, I used canned goods for the beans and tomato sauce) It was delicious tho. I added lots of garlic, yellow peppers, onion, great northern white beans, pinto beans, ground beer (oops, typo-I meant beef), red pepper, tomato sauce and crushed tomato. Then I topped it off in my bowl with cheese and Frito's. I'll be eating it for days now.
Tonight -The Picture of Dorian Gray on DVD or this one called BELLA. Bella always sounds like a Dog's name to me.


Anonymous said...

Uh, my comment just sucked up (perhaps the by an overzealous vacuum?). Let me start again, I need a new vacuum badly but can hardly justify the crazy prices since I hardly ever use the one I have now!

I'm jealous!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

It wasn't TOO exp.. I actually got it on Ebay and it's refurbished so it was half the reg price. Still a lot, but it works so darn good. We joked last night that it did cost more than a motorcycle I have my eye on ;o)