Thursday, January 29, 2009

Daily Heart On

Imaginary shopping spree. The 1st five items from Urban..

I'd wear my patent Marc Jacobs ankle boots with these gray jeans.. I never wear them bcuz it's so hard for me to figure out WHAT to wear them with.

These would look great with my J Perse dress.. i'm bad.

ooh la la saucy

I love the big hood on this hoodie.

pretty leather bracelet.. from this pretty lady that not only makes awesome jewels, but sings really pretty here

Jaz knows how much I love the stripes.. ;oP Free People stuff now... (above and 4 below)

I may have to break down and get this dress if I can borrow somebody's employee discount..
Vintage Valentino Skirt


Charlene said...

I love the sandals!! How much are they at urban??

Fashion Serial Killer said...

oh you know.. like.. $111 or something. OUCH