Thursday, January 22, 2009


But, $50 and no cord, no needle...not sure if it is even fixable. Left it all alone in the corner.


My Life said...

Damn that sux, I am looking for a record player also.... may need to go thrift store shopping this weekend. :)

Sunshine said...

having done it a few times now i recommend against buying vint record players. they are not easy to fix and the new needle will cost another $25-$40. plus the speaker quality in these old all-in-one jobbies tends to be pretty crappy.
also did you try to lift that one? the old portables are wicked heavy!
i love my usb record player from urban outfitters. yes it costs 3x what that one in your pic costs (and it isn't attractive at all) but you can rip all your records to mp3s which makes it invaluable to me :D

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I'm glad I didn't get it now! phew ;o) I have an older Technics that I got at the thriftstore a while back for $20 and it's held up fairly well. The USB one would be RAD to have.