Friday, January 2, 2009

Things I Like Today..

white Cheddar Popcorn
boys in Overalls (not the hippy kind)
freshly washed sheets
happy dogs
The desert when it's not HOT (but FUCK those damn jumping cactus that attack me and the dogs)
jack and coke
vacation days
my best friends
my nephew who calls to say thank you for the x-mas gift but says i got him the wrong one and he's going to return it he's so cute.

ok, this list will go on too long if i keep it up.

Things I NEED to do this year

travel somewhere far far away -Morocco anybody?
take a jewelry class again so I can cast some more rings
hit up arcosanti
save money
keep trying to sell my truck
get rid of this bellyfat
drink more booze, i mean water
stop buying food and letting it rot in the fridge
get rid of stuff
learn to do leather working
go home to Chicago to visit my family and friends
take a yoga class in AZ since I bought the fancy yogamat and yogitoes towel
wrestle with a boy and win
stop falling asleep on the couch while watching dvd's
reduce my debt (which really isn't that bad compared to others)
go out more
control my OCD
stop thinking too much
get my bird, tomato, bunny and bug tattoos
stop being so negative
lose my virginity
cure Ruby of her health issues
communicate better
continue rebuilding the muscles that were destroyed in my heart at the beginning of last year.
figure out why i have these pains in my sides

shit, this list will go on too long also.


Rob said...

one down the rest to go...

allison orphan said...

i would like to go to morocco!

M.'s Ramblings said...

Thanks for the 'congrats'! :)
I know - I can't believe I'm gonna be a Momma! There's so much insanely cute stuff
out there for babies these days - I'll go broke just keeping up.

I love your pics - they make me miss AZ so much.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Rob-ooh la la.
Allison-Ok,Spring Break?
M's Ramblings-anytime, i'm glad you like the pics. AZ is only missable in the winter when it's not 200 degrees out ;oP

M.'s Ramblings said...

No way, dude. I love the heat - love the sun, makes me feel energetic and happy. :)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I will send you all the heat and you can send me all the cold from up north ;o)