Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"The True Meaning of Pictures"

Last night I watched a documentary about Shelby Lee Adams' work. I started to watch it and realized I rented it a few years ago-DUH.. It was still good, so I watched it again. He takes AMAZING photos. More info here

I LOVE this picture.. It's so crisp and in a better version of it you can see how much the cow's heads pop from the pic.

If you get a chance do a google image search for Federico Patellani. His work is amazing also.


My Life said...

I am so impressed with Shelby's work I am going to rent this video the next time I am at the video store. I hope they have it. His photos are amazing.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

He's so awesome! You should join Netflix.. you can find everything there. You might not find this one at a regular video store. Let me know what you think when you do rent it k? ;o)

woodenheart said...

i found this at the library. it was interesting and i love b/w photography but the slaughtered pig scene was shocking.