Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Afternoon Hike Yesterday


TheClocktowerForest said...

You saw Jeff Buckley play?! I didn't have the pleasure. Describe its amazingness for me, please?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

YES! At the Chicago Metra years and years ago, i will try to find the ticket stub, but the story is kinda sad/funny. I won tickets on the radio and so I figured when you win tickets you win two, well I invited my bf Jazmine and we headed to the radio station only to realize I only had one ticket and was halfway to Chicago from the suburbs so I went and only stayed for a few songs bcuz I didn't want to leave my friend outside waiting by herself for too long. It was pretty rad tho, I wasnt able to get too close ;o( he was so handsome and talented. Sorry, my description prob sux. It's hard to describe it all, the lights, the foggyness, the CROWD.