Monday, February 9, 2009

A Day in the Park

These two little boys were walking around the grocery store with their arms around each other, it was so cute..

Wez can open a beer bottle with this eye socket!

well, he likes to pretend he can

We all went to the park to celebrate Meg's bday. Meg and Wez are so awesome

there was a small tube of Aveeno lotion under the picnic table and the remains of a joint.. HA

Later in the evening Meg, Janet and I went to True Food to eat dinner. They have a nice cheap wine selection and fancy organic, healthy food. I don't think i'll ever become a regular here.

Earlier on in the day I hit up Last Chance and scored these crazy Miu Miu shades for $14.99! I'm in disguise. I also scored Hudson jeans for $10!!!!! A cute Ella Moss top and a cute Free People top..some days you get lucky at Last Chance-ESP when there are no lines.

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