Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For Jazmine

She made me do this.

25 Random Things

1. Jazmine is making me do this.
2. As a matter of fact Jazmine and I have been best friends since we were 14ish and we still talk nearly every single day and get into silly little fights when we hangout too much, my other bff is cindy A and we've been friends since 8th grade!
3. I have 3 dogs-Boxer-Ruby, Boxer-Atilla and Chihuahua-Chi Chi, OH and a CAT that I made the mistake of feeding when it showed up at my house and now i'm stuck with her
4. I nearly drowned in the apt complex pool when I was as kid. My folks friend Patti Hansen jumped in and saved me
5. I'd like to be a crime scene photographer
6. I have OCD
7. I'm a horrible communicator and I get very defensive when put on the spot about something
8. I'm super paranoid and think people are out to get me or that the worst will happen.
9. I think way too much for my own good, what if.. what if... why?
10. My drink of choice is Jack Daniels and Coke
11. two people have called me MacGuyver in the past week n a half
12. I am an Aries.
13. I'm not a huge chocolate fan
14. I snorkeled in the ocean at the Great Barrier Reef
15. My great grandfather was a shoe maker and he came over on the boat from Bari, Italy-Rocco was his name
16. I have hardly any savings because I blow my money
17. I found $1,300 once and I didn't like to share my findings
18. I used to shave my head and bleach my hair blonde.
19. I really am shy.
20. I love Creme Brulee.
21. I'm scared of failure so I avoid trying certain things
22. I'm French, Italian, Norwegian and Polish-for the most part.
23. I puked on the music room floor in like 1st grade and stained the concrete floor forever-man, i must have a lot of acid in me
24. I have two nephews that I hardly ever see b-cuz they live back in IL.
25. I bought a new camera with money I don't have.


Charlene said...

You bought the camera?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

what? HUH? oh NO NO.. well, MAYBE......

Ms.Lou said...

Thank you for sharing your deep secrets. What did you do with the $1300?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

ha.. no dark secrets there Cindy A! As for the money.. shit, what does money do when it gets into my hands? it disappears instantly!