Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Like!

I like these jeans! Now if they were only black and not $200+ grrrrrr! You can find more info about Siwy jeans here

Today at work they have me helping out in the bindery dept. I have to staple 500 pages in 2's. My arm's sore and tonight from 6-9 I will be doing that 3 hour yoga class.

If I die from attempting this CRAZY challenge then please place what you would like of mine in the comment section. I know EVERYBODY wants Chi Chi so don't fight over her, a certain somebody has already been deemed the sole owner of Ruby if anything was to happen-he knows who he is. Cindy Lou you get Atilla cuz she farts as much as you do and maybe together they will smell like flowers and not sewage. he he.

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