Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jean Complaints

Ok complaint #1.. if you spend a lot of money on a pair of jeans (like the dumb ass I am) you'd expect them to not fall apart after 10 min's of wearing them. The Current/Elliot jeans I purchased a month or so ago-yup.. after 10 min's of wearing them the snap broke off, then a few min's later the other one lost it.. then, a few days later the BACK button broke off.. WTF! Not only that, but they stretch out SO bad you have to buy them 3 sizes smaller. I love my jeans and all, I just wish they'd be better quality for what they charge. I am lucky I bought them on sale. This is the reason I can not return them, they were final sale. LAME.

2nd complaint-The Hudson jeans I scored.. yup, they stretch out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much after wearing them for a few hours. double WTF!

I think Diesel makes the best jeans or Levi's when it comes to quality.

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