Thursday, February 26, 2009

Peep Show

Push play and enjoy this awesome cover song done by Radiohead of one of my favorite songs by New Order/Joy Division and then have a peep at the nudies below. p.s. why can't there be cute awesome guys like Thom Yorke in AZ? I'm going to be single forever if I stay in this state..

My friend Chris traded me this and a few other things for an old bike I no longer wanted... he got a good deal.

when you push up on the bottom, these vintage nudie girls show up

This is a page from a book I found in my Grandpa's stuff after he passed


Fashion Serial Killer said...

yah but you find even better STUFF!!! i found a few more funny dirty things in my gramps stuff i will have to scan them in.

Ms.Lou said...

I may have to flag your blog if you keep posting pornography!! JK. I love ancient dirty comics. i wish i stole the ones I found between my parents mattresses.

allison orphan said...

amazing! i love the little plastic television!

the golden state of things said...

when my grandma passed she gave us this little set of ceramic frogs. we thought they were so cute.. but then we turned them over and one had boobs and a va-jay and the other had a penis. my grandma was a pretty kooky bird.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA HA..Grandparents always seem so innocent-then the TRUTH comes out..