Tuesday, February 24, 2009


E-Bay Item number: 390022848787 Size 8.5
E-Bay Item number: 160317062060 Size 8

E-Bay Item number: 250376806443 -Size 7.5.. here they are again kids.. one of you girls with a 7.5 NEED to buy these..

E-Bay Item number: 170305107873 Size 9

E-Bay Item number: 120380985663-Size 6 tho..

E-Bay Item number: 290297393706

I don't remember where I found these ones? Maybe FreePeople.com

I am SO in LOVE with these.. Fiorentini + Baker-damn it, I need to go to Shoemaking school and be just like my Great Grandpa from Bari, Italy

Found these here


the golden state of things said...

i looked at the retro brown boots which i'm in love with.. however i'm not in love with the fact that the ball of the foot is 2 1/2" wide!? they may be a 9N but that is insanely narrow. i just bought a pair of sandals similar to the last ones at urban for like $34.. pretty cute. i didn't see the online though.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

damn 2 1/2" wide? That is pretty damn narrow. I'll have to look at Urban for the sandals, they are so cute! ps. i like your blog!!