Friday, February 20, 2009

This American Life: If By Chance We Meet Again

I have three visitors from Chicago at the house with their two dogs. That makes 5 boys pretty much. They are here for a short visit on their way up the coast of Cali. Last night we watched "This American Life" and this one about the cow cloning was pretty interesting. You should rent the series if you ever get a chance, they are really good. Tonight is happy hour again so the boys can get some free grub. Cindy A is also coming for a visit the end of March and my friend Sid's coming to town next month-YES!! Love visitors.

as for cloning-I don't think it should be done. That's messing scary shit. imagine the over population problem we'd have if nobody ever died?

2 comments: said...

Hmm...perhaps I need to make new friends, I never have anyone over...but then I do live in the boonies so that doesn't help. =/

I definitely would not want another me walking around, yikes.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

where do you live? i live kinda far from most of my friends now tho.