Monday, March 30, 2009

Blowing 35mm.

This is what happens when you develop a roll of film in a camera you haven't used in 2 years. I had extra exposures to use so I just shot randoms. Nothing too exciting. I like the one below tho. STOP MEN or MEN STOP. I wish there was a Man Stop here in the AZ.

gosh Allison, remember this? This is how old that roll is!

Dino in Disguise I love these wacked out succulents.

My Atilla. I know I spell Atilla wrong. I like it better this way.

I traded a T-Shirt I painted for that skull puppet at a Grateful Dead show years and years ago. I don't even like the GD! Jazmine and I used to go to sell stuff in the parking lot, it was fun.

Mi Patio

I got this lil bank for a dollar at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

The wind storm blew off a section of the shingles and the organ pipe was banging against the roof all night.

My bunny eating, large mouse killing, cockroach catching Cat. Her name was Morena, it's now Killer.


Janet said...

I like your photos again.

allison orphan said...

ahh, that trip was so fun!!!

Chris Hedgecock said...

Oh my god this was amazing. I love me some Polvo and I"ve never heard this song. Cool video too.