Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daily Heart On

I will have you big beautiful turquoise ring of my dreams

rouser this one's for you, look closely

Believe it or not, this stone is petrified wood! How rad is that? Jazmine says i'm the only person she knows that says "rad"

pretty Kachina ring. All the jewelry I spied on E-bay.

this would be fun to wear to a party. Link below


Photo from here I want my hands and wrists to look like this. It'd be even better if I made them all myself. I need to sign up for another class. I always think about signing up for classes when it's too late.


Charlene said...

aww my people!! this is why I love you! ha. They have really big pow wow's in Arizona. You should hit them up! Indian tacos are the best.

Anonymous said...

petrified stones pretty gravy. looks like a rooster behind some beerbed wire fence and i'm peepin through the brush. don't judge my fudge!

the golden state of things said...

i'm part cheyenne so i definitely have the native american spirit. i have this huge turquoise cuff my grandpa gave me. my mom texted (yeah, my mom texts) me the other day saying the native american store in the mall was closing and asked if i wanted any rings. of course i said yes, and my sister hand delivered the ring to me last month. you should look into jewelry making down there. i bet they have tons of classes.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

OOH! I'd love to see your big turquoise cuff you should post a pic for me. My Dad texts also and I find it super funny/weird. Esp since he can hardly figure out how to use the digital camera. I took a class once here, I just slack every semester and end up missing the deadlines. ;o(