Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Daily Heart On

I love the idea above, all the images below are from this post from the same blog. I like the eco-friendly stuff. I TRY, not the best but at least I try to do somethings to be somewhat eco-friendly at the house -like i'll try to do one big load of laundry once every couple of weeks instead of a lot of tiny ones, I try not to leave the TV or lights on when I leave the house -tho sometimes I will leave one light on in the house for safety, I don't take showers every day (Oh now I hear you all saying EWW GROSS) I don't care if I turn the heater on in the winter,but it's easier to do when you live alone and I do not, but i'm just saying how I like to do things. I DO however HAVE to have air. I've lived one summer in AZ with no air and that was hell. I think I may switch to the LUSH shampoo bars found here also. Ya know you can always try to be super eco friendly but there's always something you will do that will not be so friendly. Driving, flying, etc etc.. but it's always nice to try in some way, shape or form. OH once I did leave the oven on half a day when I left, not so smart ey?

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