Monday, March 2, 2009


pushing out the guts.

The Art Museum had a cool exhibit, some of the clothes were AMAZING.

this one was my favorite.. look how pretty, esp the back!

ooh la la

this red one was another fav..


Gunne Sax

I didn't see a lil label for this one but I wish I could wear it.

gotta love the Galliano's

Pucci on the right


Then we headed to Shady's but walked right out, hit up Sidebar for the 1st time and finally Casey Moore's. It's been a while since i've gone out on the town. I paid for it Saturday-ZOMBIE. I was happy that I ran into my Soul Sister Hilary and Amy


Ms.Lou said...

Cool show, thanks for sharing the pics. Were any dresses older than 100 years?
You look pregnant at the first gut photo.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

yes and as for the gut pic, that's what we were pretending to be.. at the bar drinking booze HA! AND NO I AM NOT and would have had NO way of becoming prego anyways..esp not in this man-dead town! HA

Heather Taylor said...

wow - where was this exhibit? gorgeous dresses!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Hi Heather! This exhibit was at the Phoenix Art Museum, such pretty dresses *sigh*