Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I tried these on at urban and they don't come in half sizes. My toes hung off on the 8's and they were 1.5" too big with the 9's.. grrr


Item number: 310126679540 Sz 7-7.5

Item number: 280319040304 size 7.5

Item number: 110358348325 love these.

Item number: 320346993207 more teeny tinies.. sz 6

Item number: 320346992781 these are tiny tho. Don't you hate when you are thrifting and you find THE baddest pair of shoes and they are a size 6.. UGH.

Item number: 330312490092 pretty awesome old motorcycle boots-sz 8 mens tho.

Item number: 220371087395

WOAH! These look just like Christian Louboutin's "Ariella"$1,150

Item number: 320346942323

Item number: 370167893573

Item number: 250383972570
and since my computer is F'cked up and jams when I go on yoox.com Click here to see more of my fav Munoz Vrandecic shoes..

I know why girls wear leggings all the time-they are SO comfortable. They aren't really ME, but WTF.. lately at work it's comfort until I lose this gut, which at the rate i'm going-NEVER

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Anonymous said...

Those old motorcycle boots are GOORGEOUS and just my size. Good thing the auction's over or I would have been in trouble!