Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Item number: 380112388242 Sz 39.5..but.. $$$$$$
Item number: 370180136815 Sz 8.. my fav Munoz Vrandecic!

HOT DAMN! Item number: 220383029782 Sz 7

Item number: 170315067460 Sz 9
Ok, Ok, I know this isn't a pair of shoes..but check out this crazy Nieman Marcus Vintage Fringe Shirt! Item number: 140310007586
Item number: 260386020694 Sz 7.5 Item number: 250396108323 Sz 8.5. so darn cute. I want these.

Item number: 110371299427 Sz 8.. here's these babies again. These sellers in Denmark must have a warehouse full bcuz I see them on here every now and then.
Item number: 200326034561 says they measure 9"s toe to heel. Pretty crazy HUH?
Item number: 370179679281 Sz 8
Item number: 280327044942 Size 7
Item number: 140311187855 Sz 7
Item number: 270365720096 Size 7

Item number: 160324492621 Sz 7
These are all just shoes I found for sale on Ebay or elsewhere. None of these photos are mine.


Sunshine said...

i need the mushroom pair!! i always end up bidding on a few things you post on shoesday.

also that last pair if they were white would be just like the new michael kors i think it was..

Fashion Serial Killer said...

yes! they are cute huh? i wish half the shoes were my size and i wish i could afford the Alexander Wangs i've posted about. I'm glad i'm able to help. Let me know if you ever win any of them ;o)