Friday, March 13, 2009

Studded Converse DIY

Ok.. holy crap. Let me tell you, my thumbs are KILLING me. I started putting these on around 7pm and didn't finish until nearly 9:30 at night. I did it while watching all the good Thursday night TV shows (My Name is Earl, The Office, Kath and Kim, 30 Rock and ER) I try not to watch TV every night but Thursday night is SO SO GOOD! Maybe I'm putting them on wrong but F me if I'm going to finish the other shoe or the other side. For now they are going to be loners. I now know why they charge like $100+ for them ( has them) It's sooo hard to push them lil suckers thru the canvas and then you have to push the little prongs down. I really am surprised there are no blisters on my thumbs.
My computer monitor at work is really dark so I have to lighten the pics, then when I look at my blog on other computers the pics look super light? HMPF!
Below is the Indian headdress I bought online for $10 from that cool shop. I think I will do little photo shoots with it out in the desert or something. I have been taking the dogs for 1/2 hour or so walks in the desert behind my house. I found a vagabond living back there. He was camped out in the wash but moved to another location that I, once again, accidentally stumbled upon last night. Kinda freaks me out, i'm glad I have my dogs-you just never know.


Ms.Lou said...

WE can do Cowboy and indian shoots next week! good job on the shoes.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes RULE!

Great job, sorry about your thumbs. :(

Anonymous said...

those shoes are awesome....and i saw them for $500 somewhere else. anyway, great job!