Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Apache Tears, Apache Leap

You see that mountain in the background? (click on it to enlarge) Well,

"According to legend, there is a reminder of the early presence of the battles fought between U. S. Cavalry troops and three recognized tribes: the Coyotes, Tontos and Pinals, all a part of the Apache tribe. This story unfolds in the heart of the Superior region.

History records indicated that in July 1870, General George Stoneman deemed it necessary to establish an outpost of the Arizona Military District at Picket Post, in an area just west of present day Superior. The three tribes held strongholds in the mountains to the north and east and were known to have carried out extensive raids.

In the winter of 1870, a significant raid attracted Company B of the Arizona Volunteers, who soon sighted the Indian lookouts. Though it was well known that a tribe of Apaches lived on top of Big Picacho, the trail to the top had never been located. The searches, trailing the cattle, discovered the secret trail, climbed atop the towering cliffs and waited to attack at daybreak.

The Apaches, confident in the safety of their location, were caught off guard and completely outnumbered in the dawn attack. Nearly 75 Apaches were killed. Legend says those that escaped their attackers retreated to the cliff’s edge and chose death by leaping over the edge rather than being killed by the opposition.

Those who ventured up the treacherous face of Big Picacho (now called Apache Leap) claimed to have found skeletons. Relatives of those who died gathered a short distance from the base of the cliff and mourned their loved ones. Legend says their sadness was so great that their tears were imbedded into black obsidian stones. When held to the light, they are said to reveal the translucent tear of the Apache. Found in great abundance near Superior, just a short distance from historic Apache Leap, the Apache Tears are said to bring good luck to anyone who has them in their possession." from here

"The stones are said to bring good luck to those possessing them. It is said that whoever owns an Apache Tear Drop will never have to cry again, for the Apache Women have shed their tears in place of yours.
The Apache tear drops are also said to balance the emotional nature and protect one from being taken advantage of. It can be carried as an amulet to stimulate success in business endeavors. It is also used to produce clear vision and to increase psychic powers.
Black obsidian is a powerful Meditation stone. The purpose of this gemstone is to bring to light that which is hidden from the conscious mind. It dissolves suppressed negative patterns and purifies them. It can create a somewhat radical behavior change as new positive attitudes replace old, negative, egocentric patterns" from here

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