Friday, April 3, 2009

Daily Heart On

Top outfits from Urban Outfitters. Bottom pieces from here a fellow blogger posted about them but I forget which one now. DUH

I'd wear this shirt above if I didn't have a gut and wasn't almost 40.

I actually purchased the scarf above for $18. Damn desert heat.
It's finally FRIDAY! Woo WOO! Last night my Sister, Mom and ME all fell asleep on the couch for the ending of the final E.R. I guess it runs in the family? Tonight it's first Friday with the ladies and hopefully our roof doesn't blow off with the wind storm we are supposed to have. Tomorrow it's hiking with my nephew, dinner at Tesoro with my family and who knows what else. It's my final weekend of being 36. Damn I'm getting old faster than I thought!

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