Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Daily Heart On

A cute bunny light!
Last night my cat committed a heinous crime. The screeches from whatever she captured and ate alive woke me and the dogs up. I also had a run in with a coyote behind our house when I took the dogs on a walk. The cat followed the dogs and I for a bit and the coyote was on the hill not too far away and was coming towards the cat so I tossed some rocks towards it to try to deter it. The coyote ended up strolling away on it's own. They were screeching like crazy banshee's last night.


the golden state of things said...

my friend and i were walking at the rose bowl and i caught something out of the corner of my eye.. turned out to be a coyote just 10 feet away. scared the shit out of me but luckily there was a fence between us. there are always coyotes over there.. creepsters. i'm glad you and your pets are ok.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

WOAH! At the Rose Bowl? NUTTY! We have so many near us in our neighborhood.