Friday, April 10, 2009

Daily Heart On

If I were to decorate today I'd choose the following.....
Large anatomical drawings from heir:interiors blog

Cool side show pictures-LARGE-the bigger the

oops.. how did this cute shirt find it's way in here? From Anthro..

Pretty, pretty rug. I love rugs (not our Zebra carpeting tho) here

Pretty Chandelier here
A fake bird cage mirror here

Pretty drapes here

here waaay too much money.

Love these glass bottles from Anthropologie. I have a love/hate relationship with Anthro. They have SUPER cute stuff but are waaaaay over priced and the quality on most is lacking. I also prefer antiques-I LOVE old things, I'm even starting to find older men attractive, like 70 yr olds! I can't seem to stay in one specific theme when I decorate or buy stuff for the house. I love all kinds of diff styles/looks. My living quarters are usually pretty overwhelming with a lot to look at. My Mom says I need to de-clutter. I say NO WAY! Sometimes I do like a very plain room tho, I just don't have one now. I guess I am just like the way my house looks- overwhelming and all over the place and sometimes a lot to look at with my crazy outfits.HA

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