Thursday, April 30, 2009

Daily Heart On

Item number: 250413762831
Cool vintage Zuni bird ring.

Item number: 350163644637
I love dead bugs. I still freak out when I see certain live ones tho.. they have to give me some time to warm up to them. It's bad enough I have to finish off the poor animals my cat half eats. The other day it was a lizard with punctures to his neck and he was missing his front legs. I didn't want the poor thing to suffer. UGH it's so hard to do. If I had to actually kill the animals I eat I'd be forced to be a vegetarian.

Item number: 370194009006
Item number: 220404539777
Bats are one of my favorite things.
Item number: 260401156327
Item number: 350195143546
I love plants and gardens. Esp weird/exotic plants.
Item number: 140317715638
and carnivorous plants
Item number: 370194026198
so cool-the plants collect water/moisture and then they secrete a delicious smell and the bugs fall prey. Item number: 220405831852

Item number: 150341276186
this plant resembles a bat.

Item number: 150341275806
Item number: 360151652463
reminds me of a sputnik!
or sigue sigue sputnik!

Item number: 130302407116 I think i've killed every jade plant i've ever bought.
Item number: 310138495556 such a cool plant hanger!
Item number: 120413459799

cute dress.. ya know, to wear while gardening.. ;oP

If you have extra time and like extra morbid dead stuff DEF take a look at This SO cool..She finds the coolest stuff.


Janet said...

love pitcher plants...a girl in one of my classes made wire ones and covered them in yarn and hung them protruding from a gallery wall. they were quite nice.

the golden state of things said...

i love taxidermy, but only of small things.. no elk, deer, water buffalos (ewww). and of course i love plants of all kinds. i'd be kind of scared buying them from ebay though.. they might die being shipped or something.

jazmine said...

i love those plants! you can actually get those on ebay?!!!