Thursday, April 30, 2009

Go-Fer It!'s a bicycle..not a motorbike.. but still cool..

how fun would a date/picnic be on an Indian Motorcycle with a Sidecar? UGH! I'd order one of these drinks while I'm at it..

Come on Todd, you know you want to give me your Go-Fer!

This would be a fun camping trip. Those old RV's are cool and all but they all seem to have this weird 70's smell to them. I hope I don't have that weird 70's smell since I was born in '72.

Ok her dress is AWESOME...

All the ads are from here I hope he doesn't sue me for using his images. They have SO many cool ones, super old Harley ads, old BSA, Yamaha, Beer, Beer Pigs.. etc etc..

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