Friday, April 24, 2009

I love this.

I got this photo from here Cecil Beaton in his vanity. I love this idea of having people trace their hand and putting their name inside of it. It reminds me of the outhouse at my Grandma's house in Hibbing, MN. There was a black marker, those stinky ones with the metal casing, everybody would draw all over the inside of the outhouse, we have our height marked off also. When I think of MN, I also think of those damn horse fly's and my Grandma's garden where she'd hang a hanky on the trees around the garden and then go everyday and rub her face on the hanky to keep the animal's from eating everything. The outhouse also brings back this story my Dad told me about how when he was a kid him and his brother were bored and shooting sling shots or throwing rocks at the Chicken's and they hit one pretty good and it fell over and passed out. They thought it was dead and they feared the wrath of the Mother when she found out, so they tossed it down the outhouse. Well, minute's later the chicken was alive and flopping around in the crap at the bottom of the outhouse. His Mother was pissed and his brother had to hold him so he could lean down and fish out that crap covered Chicken.

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My Life said...

The chicken story is so funny, I am so glad I do not have 2 boys I could just picture what mischievous things they would get into.