Monday, April 27, 2009

A Peek into the Past..

I went thrifting early Saturday. Found some boots to put on E-bay. Sz 7.5. All the cool boots I find are too small - drats!

Saw this weird thing at the Goodwill. I thought it was a hamper of some sort. Then I opened it up... HA! I guess it would be good for camping?

This cool old instrument was $40. You have to pump the blue piece in the back to get the air into it so it makes any tunes. I almost bought it but I talked myself out of it. I'll never be musically inclined.
This beautiful wardrobe was $99 and half off. I think somebody should go swoop it up. It seems as if it is missing something tho? Either that or it was made for somebody really short.
Some cute storage bins for Flour, Sugar, etc.. Each set was missing a lid tho ;o(
Damn, I look anorexic in the tins! These almost tempted me..

Love this pretty peacock shirt with crazy bat sleeves. Now I just have to figure out how to wear it.
A cute vintage dress with POCKETS!! It will need to be taken in a little bit tho.
and this jacket will be my lil project. I'm going to cut it shorter and take in the sleeves a bit. Then I'm thinking I'll put it on E-bay. Maybe I can make the shoulders Balmain style!


Ms.Lou said...

Those boots are lovely! To small for you and to big for me. Sad.

Sunshine said...

that wardrobe is missing its base. i have a similar one and that whole top part sets on top of a deep drawer w legs.
love those boots man. of course... too small for you, too big for me.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Sunshine- I knew it had to have been missing something. Thanks. you'll have to post a pic of yours ;o)

Ms lou-your and your hobbit feet!

woodenheart said...

awesome finds! what size shoes do you wear? i'll keep my eyes out.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I'm an 8.5 I used to be able to find tons of cool shoes but then Ebay came along (i'm partially to blame for this)