Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Randoms from the Weekend

Pic above taken by Janet No, I am not wearing a Turban.. just a headband/wrap.

Maggiano's for lunch and 4 yummy Bundt cakes at work ;o)!

Lots and lots of flowers. YAY!

The AWESOME Vintage Boots Dana, Ania and Sonia got me-they are like the boots Anouk Lepore wore with that pretty floral dress. I can't seem to find the pic of her in them on google now tho?

Justin and his new bud Aiden. Aiden found a walking stick on our hike!

My Mom and Nephew

My Sister Cheryl and I.

My Nephew Justin napping with my parents Mastiff Sophie


Sunshine said...

homg best boots ever.
holy cow

lee bender said...

...its alright, its a turban...

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Thanks Sunshine! I love them also ;o)

Mr Bender-DORK! HA