Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I finally organized all my jeans. I moved my one IKEA bookshelf into my room and then put the jeans in the cubbies in an order that probably only makes sense to me. It's way easier than having to pull the plastic bin out from under my bed or in the waaaay back of my closet.

I found these vintage drapes at the thriftstore and I've been meaning to put them on Etsy or Ebay. I finally got around to taking a pic for the sale. Close up of the print below.

Nothing too exciting to post about as of late. My sister and nephew are on the plane right now from Chicago to visit for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

thats enough denim for a couple lifetimes

Anonymous said...

Way to go! Hard part done! Now to keep the jeans all neat and tindy...another story all together!
love love love

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Vargas-you dork!

Dollybelle-I know! I'm sure they will end up all over the floor on a Friday night (and not from a wild night, just from me trying to find a pair of jeans to wear) ha!

Charlene said...

I thought I owned a ton of jeans! haha!