Monday, April 20, 2009


Sunday I woke up with a horrible headache and my face was killing me (insert joke here). I think a sinus infection is the culprit. Mone came over and installed my new doggy door, popped some pills, napped and headed to Sam's baby shower in Tempe. Her Mother has a 3 legged cat and 3 chickens. Check out the creative footwear on this lil boy that was there..

doggy door == freedom.

Saturday a Tarantula Hawk flew right by my head and landed on our patio near the wall.. click on the pics to see the full detail.. EEEEEK! Then Sunday a roadrunner was by our garage. I walked out the doggy door last night to a half eaten month old baby bunny and then this morning to a dead rat like thingy. My cat is on a killing spree. I may have to pawn her off to some city folk till my lease is up. I can't handle the dead bunnies. so sad!

The Roadrunner is hard to see in this one but it's there beep beep! I'm guessing it's a young'n because I've seen BIG ones running around by my work.

The Prickly Pear outside our house has so many pretty flowers on it.

I got a new chair for my desk for $1.50. My weekend was pretty dull for the most part. I didn't go out to party at all. I watched Cisco Pike Friday night and drank two Jim Beam with some Ginger Ale and fell asleep while watching the movie. Kris Kristofferson is SO hot in it. I tried to watch DOUBT last night but guess what? I fell asleep, AGAIN! I think I need to start watching dvd's during the day. Now that it's almost 100 degrees out here in the desert I can stay in and not feel bad for not being outside when it's so nice out.

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