Tuesday, April 14, 2009



urban outfitters but $$$$

Item number: 380116564149 Sz 7 Frye boots..
Item number: 260390074353 Sz 11
Item number: 250402738991 Sz 8

Item number: 330315575615 Sz 6.5 These are kinda ugly but still kinda cool and super tall! I'd fill the zebra part in with a black sharpie-sick of zebra since I have to look at that ugly carpet everyday at my house.
Item number: 260391157148 Sz 8

Item number: 370187752703 Sz 7-7.5

Item number: 110376795032 Sz 7
Item number: 140314230276 Sz 8
Item number: 400043186537 Sz 7-7.5.. so rad
Item number: 180345224299 Sz 7- They'd be better if they were brown or black tho.. but they are CHEAP Item number: 190300520617 Sz 6

Item number: 330322097185 Sz 9.. 1940's
Item number: 270372509325 No Sz but says 8.5" toe to heel
Item number: 330321725612 Sz 9 from the 40's

Item number: 270371472180 Size unknown but measures 9" toe to heel

Item number: 140313189379 sz 7.5 holy cow..these are kinda hookerish tho.
Shoes with Item #'s are all from Ebay.com I did not take the pics and I d not own any of these.


lee bender said...

are the first few custom birkenstocks?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Lee, you nerd. I don't typically wear Birks... tho I am not against them. they are SO comfortable.