Monday, April 13, 2009

You Hippie BITCH! Ebay-bay

These will all be going on E-bay as soon as I get my arse in gear. I think it's time I start saving money so I must start selling stuff again. I know you are all saying "HA yah right, Cindy save money? What a joke!" I know you are saying that because I'm saying the same damn thing. My Ebay here

Vintage Liberty Bell (label) denim patchwork shirt.

Vtg Gunne Sax Lace Top

Some hippie gauze dresses

Vtg embroidered tunic/top

Oh damn, I forgot to tie a sweet bow with the laces in front-oh well.. Pretty Vtg Calico dress

I really want one of these Vtg Wrangler Denim shirts in my size but I can never seem to find one. If somebody wants to find one for me and send it to me as a gift go ahead ;oP

a long Vtg Batik Wrap Skirt/Dress

Vtg Mod Red Dress

I really don't want to sell this cute ass hooded denim jumper but it rides up on me bcuz my torso is long and I don't know how I can alter it so it doesn't give the ol' camel toe/ass. If any of you know how or can do it for me let me know.

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