Monday, May 4, 2009

And Soon She'll say "I Do"

Ania's bridal shower was yesterday. It was a lot of fun and of course I got into trouble with Filomena-I dropped a plant and broke the pot. She cut me off of the booze. Have I told you all how clumsy I am?

Dana made the Mango Margaritas..yummy

Jessica, Ryan and Jamie

Me with Ms Janet and Ms Jessica-another bride to be! Most of our friends are either (A) getting married or (B) having babies. I fall into neither category.

Getting felt up. I had my platforms on and that made me almost as tall as Jamie.

I was in my Africa get up. My friend Nick brought my Berber necklace back from his trip to Morocco and the dress is African Batik, it's from Anthropologie tho.

the future sister in law's and bride to be-Ania

pretty Amy splitting the sea of women with a plate of delicious Italian food.

Amanda, Dallas and Colleen

Meg's the coolest.

We played Catch Phrase. Janet and I can still be friends since I didn't pull down her dress. I guess I have a bad reputation for exposing my friends T & A ;o)

Janet's so cool. She always has sucha good outlook on things and she inspires me with her photography. She always looks so pretty in her cool dresses.

Ania received about 5 copies of the Joy of Cooking.

Somebody framed a gift card. That's a nice idea ey?

Dallas got Ania the cutest set of vintage plates.

The largest rectal thermometer I've ever seen!

Ania got her adorable dress from Anthroplogie. I thought it was vintage at first-so, so cute.

Sonia making some delicious espresso. This explains why I couldn't sleep last night.

Rebecca looking sexy behind the bar.

Megan bought these adorable headbands from, you guessed it, Anthro. We all took turns modeling it. I am going to have to get one.

I look like a bird. The bird is a word.

girls, girls all types of girls.

I guess we were doing the Cosby show pose. These are all the future bridesmaids. Megan, Rebecca, Dana, Me, Jamie and Sonia the maid of honor.

I even went out to Valley Fever later in the night to see a few bands with Dana.

driving home from the bar I had a huge smile on my face all due to this exellent band The Fruit Bats. I know i've already posted this but it's just so great.

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Yeah, Thanks for sharing the bridal shower with us!