Tuesday, May 5, 2009


You can find these cute found here
Item number: 260404138141 Sz 7

Item number: 200338665277 Sz 8

Item number: 200338665277 Sz 38

Item number: 110385653617 Sz 6

Item number: 250415944776 Sz 6

Item number: 250415949310 Sz 6

Item number: 190304200247 Sz 7?

Item number: 110383355123

Oh Dear... they are already up to $200+ SZ 8
Item number: 110385644080 Holy crap! Sz 8.5/9

**None of these shoes are mine. They are all just shoes I spy on Ebay. Unless otherwise noted


Sunshine said...

god you are so good at this

i wish everyday was shoesday

Ms.Lou said...

Those last ones are HOT! your size?

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Sunshine-Thank you! ;o)

Cindy-Yah but I wouldn't know how to wear those last ones and imagine me trying to walk in THOSE drunk.. the green ones i have are scary as it is hhehehe