Wednesday, May 6, 2009

You Snake!

I killed it with my BARE hands! If you believe that than, ok.. but I really didn't. I was driving home from work last night and I saw what I thought was a Rattler dead in the road around the corner from our house. I decided to walk over there once I got home and swoop it up. Dana and I got there and it turns out to be some other kinda snake. Dangit. I had the plastic baggy ready and was excited to bring home a dead rattler. Oh well..
Magnolia Electric Co. are playing tonight. I don't think i'll go tho. They are playing at one of the crappiest places to see bands and the stinkiest-it smells like sewer. They'd be better off playing at our house. Lucero is playing next week at the Rhythm Room but it's $16.. I miss the good ol' $5 Fugazi shows-GOD I also miss seeing Guy Picciotto's moves while he's playing-ugh-epitomy of sexy.



Ms.Lou said...

You should turn that snake into a belt!

Ms.Lou said...

Why are there not more men like GUY in the world? Hot.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I just left the snake there.. as for Guy P, I KNOW.. wait, why can't there be any guys that we are remotely interested in that live within a 100 mile radius? UGH!