Friday, June 5, 2009

Daily Heart On

Sportsmobile (the link wasn't working when I tried today tho? Keep trying)

I don't know if I'd be able to live in the Van, esp with 3 dogs and all my shit- but I'd totally live in an RV. I wonder if dogs can stay in an RV when you are working to pay for the damn thing or if they'd die from the heat in the summers? Instead of paying rent, you could just make payments on your RV. I don't know about me driving a big ol' looooong RV tho, I'd prob take out everything in the way when I'd try to make a right hand turn.


the golden state of things said...

i have thought about living in an rv many times but i think my major drawback was the shower situation.. since it's so small. but i hear in these new fancy rv's it's like a mansion inside.. i say go for it! haha

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HAH.. yah, the showers are kinda small but you are prob right, they are prob HUGE now that they have fancy RV's and yah I guess I'd miss taking a bath as well but I could buy a baby pool and use that HA! I'd STILL be late for work, even if I parked right outside.