Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Apparently Ruby didn't like her old food (California Natural) -I noticed she was getting skinny again. I bought this
Fromm food and she was so excited she started to eat it out of the container I put the dog food in. Good thing tho-her blood tests came back ok, one enzyme in her liver was a bit off but they said to just keep an eye on her. Back from the dead my Ruby is still kicking it. I just wish the good dog food wasn't $50+ for a 30lb bag. I heard that feeding your dog raw meat is the way to go. I don't see how dogs would eat half the stuff they put in their food -avocado's, corn, apple's, yam, etc,etc - in the wild. but I still buy it. Tho chi chi my lil dog will eat ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING. I'm just blabbering because I have nothing better to say and I've been miserably sick and unmotivated and boring. People who come into the office think I have been crying because my eye is swollen and drooling and my head is clogged so I am half deaf. Poor Me.
**if you click on the pic you can see a funny ass pic of me when I was a lil kid on our fridge. I hated those haircuts my mom would give me. Everybody thought I was a boy. My voice doesn't help with that either.

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Ivanhoe Books - Art And Design said...

Dude. Poor YOU. I hope your eye isn't swollen and drooling anymore. I also hope you are no longer hearing impaired.