Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Item number: 250444727431 SZ 7
Item number: 250441947952 SZ 8
Item number: 120434914754 SZ 9
Item number: 250442725315 SZ 7
Item number: 370215431679 SZ 7 M, 9 W. I really want a pair of these but these are a tad too big.
Item number: 110403076293 SZ 8
Item number: 280357369370 SZ 6
Item number: 310148236326 Says they measure 8" from toe to heel on the inside. SO amazing.
Item number: 280357263392 SZ 10. Check out the lil monster on the toes
Item number: 260426124809 8-8.5

Item number: 180366817725 SZ 7.5

Item number: 150351446542 Men's SZ 7 so I think that's like a 9.5 women?
**None of these shoes or photos are mine.I found them all on Ebay in current auctions. Hopefully they help you guys out on our shoe searches/addictions.


LJ said...

shoes with teeth..yikes!
xx-LJ from SOS!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I know huh? so ahead of Marc Jacobs kitty flats tho right!?

My Life said...

I placed my first bid on e-bay for those leather sandals item number: 370215431679 :)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

oh NO what have i dont to you?!! you do know that Ebay is like getting a tattoo.. once you get one, you HAVE to have another. he he. GOOD LUCK on the sandals. Now don't bid again till the very last min (if you get outbid) it will help keep the price low.

Grace@PoeticHome said...

What a fantastic menagerie of shoe styles! I think this series of yours will be bad for my bank account...

Cheetah Velour said...

The harness boots you posted last time? Did you see the final selling price? It was something really crazy like $550!!!

No, I didn't buy them. I ducked out at $50. Even $50 would have broke my bank.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

Yes!!! I was like wtf, I couldnt believe it. ha. so hard to find good shoes here.