Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Item number: 140328807661 SZ 5.5-dang it.. i wish they were bigger..
Item number: 270411820251 SZ 7

Item number: 310150212431 SZ 9
Item number: 190316389917 SZ 6-7
Item number: 390060424716 SZ 6
Item number: 250447620832 SZ 6-6.5 SO CUTE!
Item number: 280360810158 SZ 8
Item number: 140327554091 SZ 8-8.5
Item number: 130312791840 SZ 8
Item number: 250446605005 SZ 7
Item number: 180369844940 SZ 8.5
Item number: 370216090353
**All shoes are from Ebay-they are NOT mine.. just random sellers. I didn't find too many cool ones this time around.


My Life said...

I won the shoes I bid on from the last shoesday post. They should be here any day!!!
Thanks :)

Fashion Serial Killer said...

YAY!! That's so rad you won the shoes Congrats!!! If you guys do the beer thing take pics and I want to see how many you can take down lady! ;oP