Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Plans

This weekend Greer, AZ for Ania's wedding. I'm a bridesmaid.. I've been having nightmares as well... me and Dana being late and my dress being see threw are a few of the dreams I've had. I'm sure Ania's even more nervous.
Chicago in July. Still trying to get Pitchfork Tickets for free.. anybody have connections? The two day passes are sold out. At least my plane ticket was free. I had a voucher from two years ago when Jaz and BK were going to take me with to Tulum, MX but the hurricane ruined that. It better not do that again tho bcuz...........
They are taking me with in August for this I will be the nanny for a week. I have to babysit the kids for 4 hours while Jazmine does yoga in the morning. Then I will sit on the beach and drink pina colada's. I hope I can entertain the kids (3 and 4 yr old) for 4 hours straight-any tips would be great!

Anybody else have any summer plans? I always say I want to travel more but I never seem to save any money. I'd still like to hit up so many places. I've been lacking on international travel these last few years. It's so hard to take long trips when you have 3 dogs. It's so hard for me to NOT collect dogs. I may have to sell the new car due to the huge paycut I just took at work. Bummer.. I just need to get Mone to FINALLY start working on my 4-Runner so I have another car if I do have to sell it. You know he's had it for over a year now and hasn't touched it. I guess I can't complain because he's fixing a blown head gasket for free and as long as he's in there he's going to put a new clutch etc.. etc.
If anybody works for a company that needs printing-we do it all-brochures, pocket folders, postcards, etc- my work is in desperate need of some jobs. I will try to get you the best deal possible and I can get commission if I bring in a job so any thing would help. I don't usually get commission bcuz I'm just the receptionist but if I bring in a job I will.

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