Monday, June 1, 2009


I saw one of these dogs on the Santa Monica Promenade yesterday and WOW... they are so regal and strong looking. I read that they don't get along well with other dogs tho. My dogs got into a fight with each other an hour before I flew out to Venice. I had to pull Ruby off of Atilla and then once I got them apart Atilla charged Ruby. It's so stressful and they haven't gotten into a fight since I've moved out of the small apartment. I do think the pig ear was to blame. I've been sick since Friday and have been having the WEIRDEST dreams when I am able to sleep. I will post a few pics from Jazmine's dinner party when she uploads them. I sent my camera in to be repaired and it will probably be a few weeks before I have it back. Good thing I still have my spare-I guess I'm lucky I didn't give it away or sell it yet. Oh back to the party - I have never hung out with so many yoga instructors in my life! I really do need to put my yoga mat to use. I'm so lazy.

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Ms.Lou said...

That dog looks like a mix between a pit bull and a dingo. i would not trust it either.