Monday, June 22, 2009

Up on the Rim

Saturday my dogs and I drove up to the Mogollon Rim for a mini camping trip to join in on the celebration for Lee's bday.
Chi Chi found a lil patch of grass I love my mini espresso maker. Check Them Out


Wez's crazy button jacket.
My dog Atilla loves to smoke. If somebody is around her with a cigarette she'll follow them around and lick the smoke in the air.
the boys had this game where they'd tape the empty beer to the bottom of a new beer and by the end of the night the one guy had "wizard status" (charlene corrected me) . He drank 16 beers!!!! Skaters seem to always come up with these crazy beer games. I remember another beer game where they tape 40's to their hands and they call it Edward 40 hands or something like that. I can't play these games.
The dogs and I slept in the back of my lil car. Amazingly I can fit lengthwise w/o bending my legs. It was pretty comfortable.

A steagel (half steak, half bagel)

This was after Pringle threw a beer can into the fire and it exploded. crazy.

I can't believe this guy drank 16 beers. He said he's had 20 before. I'd be on the ground unable to walk prob after 5 beers. Pringle introduced me to a new drink. Whiskey and Apple Juice. It sounds gross but it really is delicious!
This guy Al was smart and brought light sticks and attached them to each of my dogs so I could keep track of them at night. Smart guy.

Wakey Wakey Eggs n Bakeeee
The beer snake.

We made a pit stop at Woods Canyon Lake on the way home.

You can't really see her but that splash mark in the water is Ruby. She thought this big tree that was sticking out of the water was the stick we threw for her to catch. She tried SUPER hard to pull the whole tree out of the water and it was pretty funny. She finally tired out and gave up. Poor thing.
This lil shit climbed up this cliff to the very top. She's a brave Chihuahua

The Mogollon Rim

He He.. an old Meat Store that was turned into an Adult Cabaret and they left the original sign.


woodenheart said...

i'm surprised we didn't run into each other up there this weekend. i wish penny would swim in the lake. she's such a wimp.

Fashion Serial Killer said...

I wish I knew you were heading up that way. I woudl have invited you over to hang with us. The only girls there were me and janet!

M.'s Ramblings said...

Man, that looks hella fun. I just wish I was the outdoorsy type. Who's been years since I tried camping, and my mom keeps telling me she wants to arrange a camping trip up there.

I wonder what camping w/ the baby would be like tho. Hmmmm.

the golden state of things said...

looks like so much fun.. and hello?! you were with tons of dudes. that's my camping dream!

Fashion Serial Killer said...

HA! next time I go with with a ton of dudes I will keep you posted.. you could come out ;oP

and Maryanne-camping with a baby isn't so bad from what I hear-I think you'd be fine-the baby crying will keep the bears away ;oP

My Life said...

Great Pics, We are definitely going to have to try the beer can thing! Looks like you enjoyed your self. :)

Hello Titty said...

It's called wizard status... I think Brad Staba came up with the game. I wanna say he has a website bout it. I will find out!

Ms.Lou said...

Your dogs look pooped out! That is a sign of a great camping trip.